Our law office Advocatenkantoor Exaten is a dynamic, yet very personal, firm. With us, you are not just a filenumber. We personally know each indivual client, both private or business. This personal approach is enhanced by our clear and short lines of communication. Our personal and informal approach paired with the high level of legal expertise and our drive to excel where it matters, has inspired many of our clients to remark on us being not what they might expect of typical lawyers. We are proud of that, and that’s why “Not your typical Lawyer” has become our official motto.

Together we bring over 35 years of relevant legal experience to the table. With this experience, enhanced by yearly scholing, we offer a high level of legal competence and foresight. We offer solid and practical advise, help and support you to solve legal issues or, if needs be, take your case to court for you.

Our areas or expertise
Inheritance and estate-law/ divorce law
Contractlaw / Civil law
Business: Trusted Advisorship, terms and conditions, debt collection

For businessclients, whether you have a  small family-owned business or are an executive of a large corporation, when it comes to legal affairs efficiency, costs and communication are essential. In our fields of expertise, our very efficient office-structure allows for very short, personal lines of communication: you always connect directly with one of the legal experts. It’s our conviction that in legal affairs for businesses, the cost-efficiency should never be forgotten: the outcome should justify the investment of time and money. That’s why we go further than only the legal aspects: we get to know your business and it’s keyvalues, and apply them to the case at hand. For our regular businessclients this goes even further: when desired, we discuss a set of guidelines and boundries upfront, after which we take care of all the negotiations for you.

Private clients
Our personal approach reassures private clients. We offer high level, professional, legal council, but are able to explain the workings and effects of laws and regulations in an understandable way. Due to our efficient office-choices we are able to offer high level legal work for very reasonable rates. We always strive to not only solve your issue, but to coach and advise you in such a way that the endsolution is the best solution for you. Whether it’s a short question you want us to answer or if you are faced with a daunting courtcase: we help you with care and attention.

Types of procedures
Legal aid is always an individual approach, but for the most part, our service can be categorised in three sections: Advise, mediation and/or litigation. Legal advise is the foundation of all our work: in one or more personal conversations we’ll discuss the issue at hand and advise you on the best way of going forward. In formulating our advise we don’t only take into account dry facts and relevant laws, we also weigh your personal view and wishes, as well was the expected costs. We always strive for advise that offers understandable, usable and definitive solutions for your query.

Mediation is a way of solving issues that is on the rise: in both private as well as business disagreements there is a very realistisch benefit to sitting down together with everyone concerned and work, together to a solution. Our role is to lead the negotiating process and to take the final solution and form it into a definitive and binding contract.

If reaching a mutual agreement is not an option (anymore), then litigation is the logical step that follows. We can take your case to any court of law in the Netherlands for either a principal verdict or an appeal. We are also able to take your case to arbitration-courts if needs be, for instance the Dutch Arbitration Board for the Building Industry.

About us

P.H.R. Bruls, LL.M.
Rob Bruls is a civil lawyer and certified Mediator. He has many years of experiences in the legal sector. After his masters degree in Dutch law at Maastricht University he started his carreer as a lawyer at a lawfirm in the wider Maastricht area. Afterwards he’s specialised as a post-graduate in employmentlaw. Since the start of Advocatenkantoor Exaten in 2009 Rob is your lawyer for all questions regarding employment law, contractlaw and divorce.

K.E.M.A.M. Bouwens, LL.M.
Katja Bouwens is a civil lawyer. She mastered in Dutch Law at Maastricht University, after which she worked at the court-house in Roermond at both the civil sector as well as the public sector. Afterwards she worked several years at a notary’s office to specialise in both inheritance law as civil law. Business advise, terms and conditions as well as propertylaw are her special fields of interest.

Make an appointment?
Advocatenkantoor Exaten is situated centrally in the south of the Netherlands, on the N280 between Roermond and Weert. We are open during regular office-hours but work on appointments only. If you want to make an appointment just give us a call: 0031-475-453957. Of course you can also send us an E-Mail.

Advocatenkantoor Exaten

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6095 NB  Baexem

Telefoon:     0031-475-453957

Fax:        0031-475-453958

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